Fees and Terms and Conditions to Tenants

Tenancy Administration fee: No fee

We will require your approval to carry out the following and Anti money laundering regulations 2007: Credit check, identity confirmations, Immigration and visa confirmation, rent affordability check, obtaining employment and previous Landlords references. Creating the tenancy agreement for all relevant parties and obtaining signatures by all.

A holding deposit equivalent to 1 week will be paid by the tenant in advance, which is agreed by the tenant for this to either be added to either the first month’s rent paid OR added to the rent deposit paid to the DPS.

No Check in Fee.

No Check out Fee.

No charge for an Inventory.

We do not charge a tenancy renewal fee.

If you decide to vacate the property early and the landlord agrees to an early vacation, there is a release charge of £50.00 VAT inclusive.

You must advise us one month before the end of the tenancy date if you would like to renew your tenancy agreement.

The first initial payment of rent and deposit amount must be cleared funds and paid prior to the contract signing and move in date. (Usually one full month and the same amount for the deposit).

The Deposit: Will be placed into the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) account and is held with them for the duration of the tenancy. Grosvenor Estates is excluded liability for any disputes in relation to any loss caused by the insolvency of any financial institution which holds deposit funds for the Tenant and Landlord. The DPS, The Pavilions, Bridgwater Road, Bristol, BS99 6AA.

You must organise a standing order with your bank in good time to pay each subsequent monthly rent on the due starting date for the full term of your tenancy. Late payment of rent is not acceptable.

The tenancy is between the tenant and the landlord and Grosvenor Estates cannot be held responsible for any disputes that may arise between both parties.

Any deductions

We do not make a charge for disputes.

At the start of the Tenancy we will inform you who is responsible for managing the property and you will be provided with contact numbers if it is the Landlord/s.

Any problems that arise should be reported to the managing parties in a timely way and you must not organise works to be carried out without the proper permissions from the landlord or his agents.

24 Hours notification will be provided to the Tenant for any access needed to carry out works on behalf of the landlord for the property and you must allow access for the key holder etc.

You are responsible to pay for the following: Council Tax, Gas and Electricity, Water rates, TV licence, Telephone services and renters insurance.


If you are dissatisfied with how Grosvenor Estates has dealt with you, you will need to contact the member of staff who was dealing with you and if the dispute is not dealt with you will need to contact the Managing Director Mr Anthony Bennett at the office concerned within 5 Working days and a formal response will be sent to you within 10 Working days.

There will be a charge of £10.00 for any paperwork that pertains to you for any dispute situation.

If you are not entirely satisfied that Grosvenor Estates have not held your complaint in due regard then you are entitled to approach the impartiality of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) within 6 months.


If you pay your rent direct to the Landlords Bank account and your Landlord is resident overseas, you will be responsible for applying the provisions of the HM Revenue & Customs Non Resident Landlords Scheme for taxing UK rental income. This does NOT apply if you pay your rent direct to us.

CLIENT MONEY Propertymark PROTECTION SCHEME NUMBER: C0007446 Valid to January 2022

NAEA Propertymark Membership Number: M0032786 Valid to January 2022